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Jaguar F-Type Coupe

Motoring Review

THE Jaguar F-Type is the latest sports car from the company’s long and illustrious career.  The F-type has to live up to some big names.

It comes with a range of engines, from a 3.0-litre supercharged V6 to a 5.0-litre supercharged V8. Power ranges from 253kW to 370kW, which is sent to the rear wheels through an eight- speed QuickShift ZF® transmission with sport mode.

The F-Type has figures with acceleration from 0-100km/h of 5.1 seconds and 4.2 seconds respectively and top speeds of 260km/h and 300km/h respectively, depending on engine size. Jaguar has also released a newer, even faster version called, the Project 7.

The F-Type also provides the driver with a stop/start function which turns off the engine when the car comes to a complete stop and starts it immediately when you want to set off - this decreases fuel consumption.  The stop/start lets the F-Type do around 17.7 litres/100km in the city.

It  is also available as a convertible with the roof dropping in 12 seconds as long as you keep it under 50kp/h. The interior provides leather and suede cloth sport seats with six-way power/manual adjustment, GPS navigation with Traffic Messaging Channel (TMC) and a 5 380W Meridian™ audio system with 10 speakers.

A added extra is a hidden boot spoiler, which rises when you go past 112km/h. Unfortunately, when deployed, it reduces rear view visibility, otherwise the F-Type is by far the most beautiful car in the range and with the fizzy V6 or the growling V8 you’ll never be disappointed.

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Jaguar F-Type Coupe
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