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Kia Picanto

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The multi award-winning Picanto already packs a serious punch in the A-segment with groovy styling to appeal to buyers across the spectrum and its excellent value proposition. In a nutshell, despite sticking to its winning recipe, Kia managed to create an improved model with only skin-deep cosmetic changes.

After a nip here and tuck there the Picanto emerged looking even sharper than before. From a personal point of view the most noticeable surgical procedure the little Kia has undergone is the revised back bumper, featuring a matte black lower edge, rising up at the sides to house reworked rear fog lamps.

From the front it gets interesting with more subtle changes. The new flatter bumper now features a singular large air intake. Compared to the pre-facelift model, which featured a smaller kidney-grille, the revised model showcases a new smoother and prominent tiger-nose grille.

The new lamp housing is also more refined with a square finish and daytime-running lights - a new feature on the Picanto - making sure the little Korean is visible at all times.  

On the inside, the Picanto received minor tweaks to improve the overall perceived quality. A modernised fascia is now used to clad the audio system to create a splash of chic sophistication.    

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