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Scorpio PIK-UP Double Cab

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Mahindra Scorpio PIK-UP Double Cab

Motoring Review


History of the model

The Mahindra Scorpio, from the segment of SUV's cars, is one of the first cars from the Mahindra Group to be marketed across the globe. Soon after it had been launched in 2002 the Mahindra Group gained a prestigious recognition of three outstanding awards making it the number one icon in the Indian Market.

With the introduction of an upgraded Scorpio Suv, Mahindra provides new revolutionary with the Micro Hybrid technology on the International Market, limiting the consumption of fuel and in doing so reducing pollution.


Exterior Design

The exterior the Scorpio Suv amalgamates power and muscularity, giving it a sensational ability of squashing anything that comes it way. The front design consists of a nice grille, bumper, and bonnet scoop and fog lights. The sides feature new body cladding with marked "Scorpio" and consist of an integrated footstep. Some of the exterior add-ons are air dams, mud flaps, rear spoiler, decals and alloy wheels, which give an overall outer shell of a sporty SUV.

Interior Design

Apart from its amazing performance, the Mahindra Scorpio is equipped with lot of innovative and highly developed technologies.

The interior is incredibly spacious with enough space for luggage, headroom, and legroom and comfortable with cosy seats, ideal for a long enjoyable ride - a vehicle with sufficient storage spaces ideal for people with “active lifestyles”. Also provided for are a number of facilities such as centre armrest on second row seats middle row sliding seats, tiltable steering and heating, rear wash and wipe, rear demister and illuminated footboards.

Technical data overview

Mahindra offers technological facilities incorporating steering wheel-mounted audio controls, and view mirrors, stereo that is MP3-compatible with USB and SD card inputs debut as well as cruise control, air conditioning and ventilation.

In addition it has a two-chain drive system which helps in decreasing the vibration and noise at high speed as well as an integral alarm and immobiliser, and keyless entry.

Some of the other basic features are electric windows, air-conditioning and power steering as well as pre-tensioning seatbelts.

Mahindra Scorpio also comes packed with both active and passive safety features, giving the highest protection to its occupants.

Some of these safety features include; Cruise Control, EBD, collapsible steering column, ventilated brake discs in front and drum brakes at the rear, traction and stabilizer control.

Also included are intrusion beams, collapsible steering columns, crumple zone that protects crashes, blue vision headlamps, ABS, dual airbags, tubeless tyres, side impact beams and child lock.

Engine Overview

The new Scorpio comes equipped with a 2.6 liter turbo-diesel four-cylinder engine and produces in the neighborhood of 300 lbs.-ft. of torque, which is comparable to the output of a large V-6 or small V-8, while delivering a consistent 20-something miles-per-gallon average fuel economy. That would be a significant improvement over the mid-low teens posted by similar real-deal 4WD SUVs equipped with V-6 or V-8 gas engines.

The very high torque output at low engine speed (peak output is realized at appx. 1,800 rpm) is ideal for serious off-roading, or fording through heavy snow. It also gives the Scorpio a best-in-class tow rating of 5,000 lbs. For comparison, the current Jeep Liberty (non-diesel) has a max tow rating of just 3,500 lbs., which is about the same as many mid-sized front-wheel-drive cars.


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Mahindra Scorpio PIK-UP Double Cab
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