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Maserati GranCabrio

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MASERATI has taken the GranCabrio convertible to a new level of performance with the new GranCabrio Sport. With more power, a faster gearshift and a distinctly aggressive look, the GranCabrio Sport has given Maserati a harder-edged convertible.

Exterior Design

Maserati’s design team worked to provide a more-aggressive look that sat in harmony with the GranCabrio’s critically acclaimed styling. A series of relatively small upgrades in critical areas have created an integrated, dynamic design that immediately differentiates the GranCabrio Sport from the rest of the GranCabrio range.

Interior Design

The more aggressive look is carried over inside the open-topped cabin, with a new seat-face design and drilled aluminium pedals. The GranCabrio Sport introduces changes to the gear-shifting system, with Maserati’s active shifting paddles now standard. The paddles, drawn from the Trofeo racing car, are longer than the standard steering column-mounted paddles and make shifting easier in enthusiastic driving.

Engine and performance

The GranCabrio Sport combines an upgraded 4.7-litre V8 engine with an increase to 331kW/510Nm and improved fuel economy with the faster MC auto shift transmission. Besides added power, torque and responsiveness, the friction reduction programme has lowered the GranCabrio Sport’s fuel consumption by six percent to a combined total of 14.5 litres/100km.

With a 285km/h top speed and a 0-100km/h sprint of just 5.2 seconds, the GranCabrio Sport is brimming with performance and luxurious refinements both inside the cabin and underneath its award-winning body panels.

The new exhaust tips also help the GranCabrio Sport to give a richer engine sound when the bypass valves are activated. The valves are always open in manual-sport mode, while they are open above 2 500rpm in auto-sport mode.

Its six-speed transmission includes a super-fast MC auto shift mode and has been developed for the GranCabrio Sport directly from the transmission in the Quattroporte Sport GT S.

The handling has been enhanced for greater speed, too, with an upgrade and revision of the Skyhook active-suspension system and the adoption of a more-responsive brake package.

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