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Nissan GT-R

Motoring Review

THE NISSAN GT-R has been the performance bargain of the century throughout the world since its inception. Never quite satisfied with their monster, Nissan have released updates to the car annually.

With the announcement of a special Track Pack option that will come in as the range-topping model, the 2013 GT-R may feature the most exciting updates seen in South Africa. The existing models, the Black and Premium, will now make up the entry- and mid-range models.

The Track Pack is undoubtedly the most exciting model in the range. It receives a full cosmetic makeover in the form of a carbon rear spoiler, a carbon fron- air spoiler air duct as well as RAYS aluminium-forged wheels.

It is also lighter with the removal of the back seats, which are replaced with a quilted cloth mat. The Recaro carbon bucket seats complete the track-ready look inside. 
A titanium exhaust muffler and an air guide for the cooling of the brakes are two new performance additions.

Unleashing the Track Pack around Kyalami is an unforgettable experience. The Track Pack’s suspension was specially designed by Nissan and NordRing at the green hell, the Nurburgring Nordschleife.

The car is extremely quick around the circuit, yet at the same time you never feel as if your life is in danger. You can push it as hard as you dare. The car simply soaks it up and continues barrelling towards the next corner or apex like a bat out of hell.

Even though the Track Pack took a great deal of punishment over the weekend, it only needed to be topped up with fuel and off it went again, dazzling the press and public alike with its sheer ability to demolish the racetrack.

All 2013 GT-Rs will see upgrades in the form of improved engine response in the mid- to upper rev range thanks to higher-output injectors and a newly designed relief valve for the turbocharger.

Other changes include a specially designed baffle plate for the oil pan that ensures the oil pressure is better stabilised during high-performance driving. The GT-R’s body is now stronger, thanks to reinforcements to the dash-panel bar and instrument-panel member.

The suspension has also been fettled with. The dampers, springs and front stabiliser have been adjusted to allow for a lower centre of gravity and better handling.

The performance of all the models has improved with the 0-100 km/h sprint time dropping from 2.8 to 2.7 seconds. The 3,8-litre twin-turbocharged V6 motor remains unchanged, producing the same 405kW and 628 Nm of torque.

A new additional option to the Premium model will be the hand-stitched semi-aniline upholstery. New additions to the interior across the range include new seat knobs on the left- and right-hand sides for added convenience.

GTR Track Pack       R1, 743, 700

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