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The name Nissan Patrol is not one that is new to the market of motor vehicles. Dating way back to the 1950s, the Nissan Patrol has enjoyed decades of market presence since then and today it has developed into one of the most trusted brands, found on the top list of choice of four-wheel drive classy vehicles. Its long presence on the market has also helped it to develop into a global brand name, being marketed in many regions of the world including South Africa. It has also, like most brand names, taken various names in order to fit into the respective markets and these include the Nissan Safari, Ford Maverick and the Infiniti QX56. Having enjoyed a silver Jubilee not so long ago, the Nissan Patrol is not one to be taken for granted. It is a well tested and tried brand name, which is well known for being a full performing car.

The years of continuous technological and mechanical development has granted the Nissan Patrol some of the solid features that are critical on any modern bakkie. State of the art technological features on the car include the intelligent key, which system allows for the user to open the vehicle doors once the remote is brought close to the vehicle and the sensor is triggered. With the Nissan Patrol, you don’t badly need your car keys, because it has the start and stop push button for ignition. The revised Pressure Monitor System is present on the newer models and this informs the driver when tyre pressure has fallen before set levels.

As a four-wheel drive, the drive can enjoy the option of switching between four drive models i.e. the sand, on-road, snow and rock. You can also enjoy a current of cool air from the curtain vents which are mounted on the ceiling placed above each side window. Then there is the Hydraulic Body Motion Control system and the Intelligent Cruise Control which controls the distance between you and the next vehicle by slowing down when you get too close to the vehicle in front of you and can reset the speed to the original speed once there is clearance ahead. This is in the form of the Distance Control Assist system. With the Around View Monitor, you can park this not so small vehicle easily even in the tightest of spaces between cars.

The car’s entertainment system is one that is quite mesmerizing; with the option of having a database of up to 2900 songs on a 9.3 Gig hard-drive, this means that you won’t bother on changing CDs. The entertainment system connects to iPod, USB flash drive and many such compatible sources. The safety and security system for the car is loaded with genuine features that include Hill Start Assist and Hill Decent Control System, Locking Differential which allows you to pull out of the mud or loose sand by distributing torque evenly to the rear wheels. Not that the car promotes drunken driving, but those that get in this frenzy will be relieved to know that the Nissan patrol has a Lane Departure Warning System, which keeps you in check lest you waiver out of your lane. The system uses an alarm system to warn the driver and then alights an indication which tells the drive to break.

The Nissan Patrol comes with an Intelligent Brake Assist system which when a collision is unavoidable, the system automatically engages the brakes to help reduce collision speed and impact, mitigating the consequences of the accident. The Vehicle Dynamic Control & Electronic Stability Control system works in combination with the Traction Control system and Brake Limited Slip Differential which works so as to automatically prevent the car from sliding sideways when going on slippery road surfaces, when changing lanes and negotiating curves.

Nissan avails the Nissan patrol on the market in either the short-wheelbase and long-wheelbase format, either as a five-door and three-door chassis. It faces serious competition from brands such as the Toyota Land Cruiser, the Mitsubishi Pajero and land Rover Discovery.

Big, unbreakable and affordable - the legendary Nissan Patrol deserves its reputation, thanks to a history stretching back nearly as far as Land Rover's. Celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, the Patrol is an unstoppable off-roader, but its ability comes at a price.

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