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Posted by: Serria
Submitted: 18-10-2017
The car looks nice, I love the shape, am thinking of driving it, I want it.
Posted by: Admin replied to Serria
Submitted: 17-11-2017
Click on the contact a dealer tab to get info on price, finance and specials.
Posted by: April
Submitted: 22-05-2018
My 2005 Nissan x-trail has recently started having the following problems: Engine cuts out intermittently whilst highway driving Engine stops, but is able to be re-started after a few minutes/seconds rest Engine light comes on I have taken my car to a mechanic who ran the code and it came up as a sensor code. (I do not know the code). The mechanic replaced both the crank position sensor and the cam position sensor “just to be safe” but the problem still persists. And they have now had my car for a week. If anyone could help, that would be great
Posted by: Dave
Submitted: 12-10-2018
Why is it so painful and difficult to view a simple colour chart with the names of the colours for Nissan ? After much searching, I can now select a little colour button.. yay great.. but it still doesnt tell me the name of the colour. \I'd understand if it was simple, red, blue, green etc.. but it isn't. Why oh why make it so hard ?
Posted by: Charlotte
Submitted: 23-10-2018
We drive a 2012 Nissan X-Trail 2.0 and the low-beam lights are extremely dull at night. So much so that whenever there is no oncoming traffic I immediately switch to the high-beams lights. Phoned Nissan and they suggested to put in new light bulbs as the current ones may be old - did that with the car service 4 months ago; nothing changed. Is there any advice for making the low-beam lights brighter?
Posted by: Martin Botha
Submitted: 19-11-2018
I own a 2016 X-Trail 2,5 CVT. I find the ride a bit harsh, only on bumpy tar roads. Fitted tyres are Geolanders G091's, 225X65R65 (tyre pressure all 2,2 bar). Could another tyre brand offer a more comfortable ride, if so, what is recommended? Many thanks!
Posted by: Mark
Submitted: 19-02-2019
I have n Xtrail, about a 2009 model. Automatic. For the last year or so, it will shut off when going up a hill, and usually with the AC on.I stop and it restarts no problem. Any ideas? thanks alot for any comments, ideas. Mark
Posted by: Berkly
Submitted: 20-03-2019
Have a 2018 Nissan X Trail Tekna 12000km on the clock Have a slight noise like a dry timing chain every time At start up when cold, is it normal

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