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Posted by: Jarryd
Submitted: 09-04-2017
Hi there, does anyone have info on the reserve tank.. i.e how many liters &/or how many km's
Posted by: orlando
Submitted: 22-04-2017
I love to have more like how many months u pay and the pice include nsurance or you choose your owen thxs
Posted by: Sherine Mbovu
Submitted: 14-06-2017
Hi i don't know anything about cars. i am thinging about getting a car now beacause of the danger here outside in our country at what must i look for in a car and besides i am short and the opel corsa's are beautiful.PLEASE give advice. Thank You
Posted by: shawnl
Submitted: 03-01-2018
Hi there, I bought my car new in 2012, serviced at the dealer ever since. I've noticed a slight knocking or vibration sound as i pull off in 1st gear with normal rev.(like its going to stall) Seems like i have to give it more rev to pull off. Engine doesn't race during ride. Just went over 100000KM last month. Can anyone recommend a good Opel mechanic in CT?
Posted by: Eileen Hart
Submitted: 14-01-2018
Have Corsa changed engine. I heard they were not happy with 2008 engine. Changed about 5 years ago. Is this true. Thinking of buying new corsa
Posted by: Alexander Riley replied to Eileen Hart
Submitted: 23-01-2018
The new Corsa is great. I have a 2016 (with the 2017 spec), it's the 1.0T Cosmo. I get over 850km on a tank of fuel and this is city driving. The engine is powerful, so for overtaking or when power is needed, it is definitely there. Check out my video on Youtube (owners review) - just search for my name. Also the Corsa 1.0T has 85kw, while the 1.2 TSI comforline model polo has 66kw, but you still get the same mileage out of a tank of fuel - don't allow vw salesmen to fool you, they tried that with me. With regards to Shawnl, I've aslo heard that the 1.4 Essentia was/is known for cracking a piston or two. I think I also had the same issue that you're having on my 2010 Corsa - some valve was replaced and that solved the problem. I do know a good mechanic, but it all depends on where you reside, so let me know.
Posted by: Zubair
Submitted: 20-04-2018
I have a somens cdr 2005 vdo it's stuck on 7 safe mode and I can't remove it
Posted by: Herms
Submitted: 04-05-2018
My corsa lite 2001 1.4 is givinv problems. When i turn the key the ignition lights doesn't come on nor does it switch on my fuel pump ext. The only light that does come on when I turn the key is my handbrake light. Any suggestions on the problem?
Posted by: David Lee
Submitted: 09-05-2018
Hi! I want to remove the factory radio and install the new Seicane android car stereo in my corsa. How do it? Is it difficult to install this?
Posted by: Mpathenhle Dubazane
Submitted: 24-05-2018
Hi... I drive a 2003 Opel Corsa 1.8 Gamma sedan. At first I noticed that it begun very poor fuel consumption. Later it then started hesitating to accelerate, especially on an incline. it just didn't go past 20 km/h. some times it would start and some times it wouldn't. It is very slow and tends to overheat... Thanks for the help
Posted by: Andre Anthoney
Submitted: 05-06-2018
Hi I recently bought a second hand ,Opel Corsa , to get to and back from work. But now - the car , is having allot of problems - Smoking Battling to start in the morning - if it does -it's a smoking allot - I thought , it's maybe because the engin is still cold. But this morning , when It eventually started ,and I got it to go , it was not running as normal. Tends to suck air , look like it's batling to breath - HOES EN PROES. What can it be ?

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