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Porsche Cayman

Motoring Review

Design: New proportions, prominent lines

THE new Cayman is more distinctive than ever. Its proportions are new, and yet it’s clearly a Porsche sports coupé; an extended wheelbase with shorter overhangs and 18 or 19-inch diameter wheels with larger rolling circumference. There are also new dynamic recesses in the doors, which guide induction air into the distinctive scoops on the rear side panels and from there directly to the engine.

From the front, the new Cayman is marked by its dominant cooling air intakes, which increase in size towards the sides of the car. Integrated into these, far outboard, are the round front lights with four-point daytime running lights or position lights. The new generation of the sports coupé is the rear boot-lid made of aluminium and the rear section with its wrap-around edges. At the upper edge of the rear window, an LED brake light spanning the entire width of the glass is easily spotted by traffic behind. Mounted directly to the tailgate is the thin blade of the rear spoiler.

Sporting engines with ample torque.

Porsche offers two exceptional flat six 'boxer' engines in the Cayman, a 202kW 2.7-litre and a 239kW 3.4-litre, which both combine ample torque with high power in the upper engine rev range. One consequence of this high-revving concept is that although the 2.7-litre has a 0.2-litre reduction in engine displacement compared with the previous 2.9-litre unit, it still develops a higher power output.

The Cayman 2.7-litre is rear-wheel-drive and can sprint to 100km/h in 5.7 seconds with the six-speed manual transmission or 5.6 seconds with the optional seven-speed PDK gearbox (5.4 sec with Sport Chrono package).

The Cayman S 3.4-litre is rear-wheel-drive and can sprint to 100km/h in 5.0 seconds with the six-speed manual transmission or 4.9 seconds with the optional seven-speed PDK gearbox (4.7 sec with Sport Chrono package).

Driving dynamics and agility: new chassis systems for even better handling

The driving performance of the Porsche Cayman is extraordinary. The fundamental geometry creates ideal conditions for this performance. A 60mm longer wheelbase for greater stability at very high speeds; a wide track width at both axles for additional driving stability and cornering agility and larger diameter tyres for even better road grip up to the limits of performance.

Porsche engineers placed a high priority on tuning the Cayman chassis, but not only with the goal of improving driving performance and agility - they also wanted to improve comfort and everyday practicality, at the same time.

Revised PASM with extended sensors

The new generation of the optional PASM active damping system further extends the driving performance range of the Cayman. The reason: Four additional vertical sensors at the front and rear wheels enable even better and more finely tuned control. Optimally controlled damping improves the road grip, offering greater driving stability, more comfort, enhanced performance and shorter braking distances. Just as before, the driver can use the PASM chassis control button on the centre console to choose between the two modes 'Normal' and 'Sport'. The system also acts as a function of the specific driving situation, so that driving fun is not compromised. During smooth motorway driving, for example, only moderate damping forces are required. In a sporty style of driving, on the other hand, high damping forces improve road grip and car body control.

Brakes with extra power

Hand in hand with the car's enhanced driving performance, the brake system of the Cayman has also been made more powerful. Along with equipping the system with stiffer front brake callipers, optimised brake pad design and a larger brake contact surface, improvements were made in cooling the brake discs as well.

Larger wheels, low rolling resistance tyres

The new Cayman models ride on wheels and tyres that are now one inch larger in diameter than on the previous model. Standard now are 18-inch wheels (Cayman) and 19-inch (Cayman S), which give the sports coupé increased lateral stability and handling properties. Optional wheels include 20-inch Carrera S design, 20-inch Carrera classic with bi-colour styling and the new 20-inch sport techno rims from the exclusive programme.

Innovative lightweight body design; lighter, stiffer, sportier

The body of the new Cayman is an entirely new development based on the body-in-white of the Boxster. The result is an innovative lightweight body design with mixed aluminium-steel construction that has reduced body-in-white weight by around 47kg.


The new extended silhouette of the Cayman also increases the practical virtues of the car. The larger rear boot-lid offers better access to that cargo area, and luggage capacity of the two-seater has been increased by 15 litres to 425 litres when loaded to the roof. An eye-catching feature that is revealed when the rear lid is opened is the new aluminium panel that extends across the engine compartment cover between the two filler caps for coolant and oil. A luggage partition bar, also made of brushed aluminium, spans the space behind the head restraints.

Greater comfort and safety: ACC with Porsche Active Safe

For Cayman models equipped with PDK, Porsche now offers a new upgrade option for driving convenience and safety: Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) that includes the safety function, Porsche Active Safe (PAS).

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