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Suzuki Grand Vitara

Motoring Review

I RECENTLY managed to get my hands on Suzuki’s all-terrainer, the Grand Vitara in Dune guise. And while it did have a small nip and tuck late last year, the general consensus is that this SUV is getting a bit on in life.

However, after spending a few days behind the wheel, I couldn’t help but ignore the fact that it reminded me of one of those crazy aunts you can’t help but love and adore. It’s the kind of family member you meet at the annual get-together.

Sure she is getting older and still tells the same old corner jokes, but there is just something that draws you to her. Perhaps it’s her charismatic personality, which is certainly the case with the Grand Vitara, powered by a 2.4-litre powertrain. It’s comfy and practical and like your crazy aunt, it inspires confidence courtesy of its 200mm ground clearance as well as 4x4 electronic modes and low range to push you to go further.

But the Dune has been slow on the technological uptake, much like that infamous aunt you try and explain computer terminology to. Because you see, this SUV only boasts a CD radio; there isn’t a USB or aux input in sight, let alone Bluetooth.

Ultimately the Grand Vitara is a capable machine, but the signs of aging are evident and in a segment that is fast evolving and highly competitive, this Suzuki is battling to keep up. But its charm is its allure. And it’s one charming lady.

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