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Volkswagen Jetta

Motoring Review

New Volkswagen Jetta

The new Volkswagen Jetta sedan has joined the ranks of the family of Jettas which have been available since 1980. While this particular range of the Volkswagen family has enjoyed popularity in South Africa, especially among the more mature drivers, it has more than proven its worth to the Volkswagen family.

Design overview

Having lifted the covers off the 2011 Jetta, it can be seen that Volkswagen have moved away from their Golf 6 offerings and are showing much greater emphasis on quality and maturity in this new package. The new Jetta boasts with a complete new range of body panels that makes it stand out as a unique new vehicle among 260,000 Jettas that have already been sold in South Africa.

The new Jetta will be available in the Trendline, Comfortline and Highline specification packages and the sedan option joins the current range of sedans in the VW range namely: Vivo, Polo, Jetta, CC and Passat and, with the new Jetta being 90mm longer at 4.64m, along with a wheelbase increase of 7mm to 2.65m, this means a bigger Jetta for all.

Engine Overview

Out of all the models available in South Africa, some motoring journalists are of the opinion that, although the 90Kw unit will be popular, the  1.6 TDi version may pip it to the post in sales volumes as the astute SA  buyers are becoming more and more  attracted to owning diesel driven units with compact, economical motors.

Included in this new look is five different engine configurations available to power the seven new Jettas; the exact allocation of all the engines to the all of the chassis has yet to be fully specified. The petrol units are the 1.2 TSi (77kW), 1.4 TSi (90kW), 1.4 TSi (118kW). Two diesel units will be in the form of a 1.6-litre TDi version (77kW) while the top dog will be represented by a 2 litre turbo-charged derivative which will generate 103kW of power.

Technical data overview

Although the gearboxes for the range of Jettas are the 5 and 6 speed variety there is an optional seven speed box for the 1.6 TDI which adds another feather to its already attractive cap.

On a 300 kilometre trip along an undulating and scenic route, the  118kW, 1,4-litre TSi with 240Nm of torque, proved to be a  relatively high-performance package with its 6 speed box allowing precise, solid and rapid gear changes.  



Written by Stuart Moir

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