The FIA has rejected an appeal by BAR to lift a ban on an electro-hydraulic device ruled illegal before the German Grand Prix.

The FIA has rejected an appeal by BAR to lift a ban on an electro-hydraulic device ruled illegal before the German Grand Prix.

The Brackley-based team appealed against a ruling by the FIA that ordered them to remove the device fitted to their cars in Friday practise at Hockenheim before official qualifying.

But the FIA's International Court of Appeal has rejected the move, saying: "Having heard the explanations of both parties and having examined the various documents and other evidence, the Court upheld the decision of the panel of the stewards."

Jenson Button update reported on Tuesday that the FIA's Contract Recognition Board ruled that Button's controversial contract with BAR Honda was valid and it was unlikely that the Briton would be able to drive for Williams-BMW next year.

BAR boss David Richards insisted that the 24-year-old driver had signed a contract with them for next season. Button, in turn, said his management company believed there was a technicality in his contract that gave him an option to join Williams-BMW for 2005 and 2006.

BAR said its case was strengthened by a ruling from the Contract Recognition Board. It read: "The FIA contract recognition board acknowledged in writing that, as of today (Tuesday), the BAR contract with Jenson Button is the only valid contract registered for the 2005 season."

However, Williams-BMW claims that the Contract Recognition Board simply confirmed that BAR had lodged a contract between itself and Button.

"Williams-BMW reiterate it is Jenson’s intention to drive for the team in 2005, and that his contractual position provides for this,” a team spokesman said.

“The Contracts Recognition Board (CRB) is not a constituent element of the FIA, but an independent body set up under the Concorde Agreement between F1 teams, the commercial rights holder (FOM) and the FIA. It is therefore wholly incorrect to refer or indicate that the decisions made by the CRB are an endorsement of a legal position by the FIA.

“BAR’s statement today is misleading. BAR have registered what they believe to be a valid claim over Jenson Button for 2005. The CRB have not endorsed the validity of this claim, but have simply confirmed receipt of BAR’s documentation.

“This does not mean that their contract holds precedence over other contracts with Button. As a matter of record, WilliamsF1 has a contract with Button deposited with the CRB in October 22, 2002.

“In the opinion of the BMW WilliamsF1 Team, BAR have failed in their responsibility to correctly exercise certain option clauses in their contract with Jenson Button, and as such, their contract has expired, and Williams’ contract is valid.

The CRB does not make final adjudication on contractual disputes, and may refer cases to the appropriate legal authorities.

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