Renault will unveil two concept cars in Frankfurt, the Be Bop and the, well, Be Bop. Both are compact MPVs, but one is an all-terrain SUV and the other a sporting model. Yes, it’s a little confusing.Be Bop and the, well, Be Bop. Both are compact MPVs, but one is an all-terrain SUV and the other a sporting model. Yes, it’s a little confusing.content here

Renault will unveil two concept cars at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September, the Be Bop and the, well, Be Bop. Both are compact MPVs, but one is an all-terrain SUV and the other a sporting model. Yes, it’s a little confusing.

According to Renault, the Be Bop and Be Bop combine rounded forms with structured lines for greater aerodynamic efficiency. They offer exceptional visibility and cabin space, which can be configured in multiple ways to best suit occupants. The interior features numerous innovations with ergonomic touch design controls.

The Be Bops resemble the Ellypse while their profile has certain features in common with the Koleos. Inside the cabin, the touch design concept was introduced on the Talisman.

"Both these vehicles follow on from our previous concept cars, illustrating inside and out a desire to take our signature design concept to its full expression through the notions of charm and sensuality," said Patrick le Quément, senior vice president of Renault Corporate Design.

The 4 m-long cars have a glazed surface. According to Renault, the designs are reminiscent of a water droplet. "The water droplet is a superb symbol of aerodynamic purity," said Michel Jardin, director of Concept Car Design.

And the company said the rounded forms provide a solution to the problem of MPVs, whose lack of aerodynamics have a negative impact on fuel consumption. The streamlined floorpan also helps boost aerodynamic efficiency.

They may look like one concept, having over half their bodywork parts in common, but the Be Bops have different personalities.

Be Bop is a sport-utility-vehicle. It has a ground clearance of 210 mm and four-wheel drive. It is powered by a 84 kW four-cylinder 1,6 16V engine, mated to a six-speed manual gearbox.

It has a "blue-tinted steel" exterior and, at the front, the radiator grille includes a more matte protection zone while the high-performance lamps incorporate blue-tinted diodes. The rear lamps are shaped like flashes of light, while the double exhaust pipe fits neatly either side of the tailgate.

An electrical motor lifts the rear window above the roof. The lower part opens downwards while a shelf automatically slides forward to house luggage and parcels.

The rear seats of the Be Bop SUV can disappear under the front seats with the flick of a switch inside the door. And an articulated arm folds the back of the rear seat onto the cushion in a matter of seconds. Cushion and back then slide under the front seat to completely free up the rear space.

Be Bop is a sporting compact MPV whose bright yellow bodywork is characteristic of Renaultsport vehicles. The radiator grille adds to its sporty personality, as does its 168 kW 2,0-litre turbocharged engine, mated to a six-speed robotised sequential gearbox.

It has two rear-hinged doors that open to reveal a central arch to which the seats are anchored. This frees up floor space. This arch also forms a link between front and rear occupants to reinforce the interior's friendly spirit. Two side arches stretch the length of the doors for passengers to rest their arms. The aluminium gearlever rises over the central arch, which houses all the other main controls such as heating, air-conditioning, navigation and music. A chrome-finish clock sits at the end of the arch in full view of both passenger and driver.

The Be Bops provide ample stowage space in the central tunnel, dashboard and doors. Key information (speed, rev counter, etc.) is displayed on two superimposed LCD screens and in 3D. The rev counter is represented by coloured circles. Auxiliary information such as navigation, music, communication and Renault services is grouped together on a separate screen at dashboard height, and which can be folded down and can face the driver or passenger.

So, now that it’s clearish, make your choice between the BeBop and BeBop.

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