We have offical pictures of the BMW X3, which will debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show and go on sale in South Africa in July next year.

We have offical pictures and details of the BMW X3, which will debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show and go on sale in South Africa in July next year.

CARtoday.com reported in March that BMW AG expected to match its profits of 2002 on the strength of its new models, including the new 5-Series - and X3. The world got its first glimpse of what was to become the X3, the xActivity four-wheel drive concept vehicle, at the Detroit Motor Show earlier this year.

These pictures, however, show what the X3 will look like when it goes into production...

Interacting concave and convex surfaces, the newly interpreted, clas­sic "Hofmeister kink" in the rear side windows, double kid­ney grille, as well as the headlights and rear lights show that the X3 has a mixture of X5 styling cues and some unique touches from BMW chief designer Chris Bangle’s design board. Also note the X3’s long wheelbase with short overhangs, sloping roofline and the flared wheel arches.

The X3 will be powered by BMW's three-litre straight-six petrol and diesel power units. BMW claim the petrol variant will reach a top speed of up to 210 km/h in standard trim, and can reach up to 224 km/h with its optionally available high-speed set-up (available with Sports Package).

The straight-six turbodiesel powerplant equipped with second-generation common rail direct injection develops a maxi­mum output of 150 kW and 410 N.m of maximum torque. Again, top speed in standard trim is specified up to 210 km/h, and can reach a maximum of up to 218 km/h with high-speed set-up. Both models come standard with a six-speed manual gearbox, but a five-speed automatic will also be available.

BMW aims to “set new standards in agility for AWD vehicles” with the X3’s newly-developed intelligent xDrive all-wheel-drive system. xDrive allows adjustable and fully variable distribution of torque front-to-rear and recognises a need for a change in power distribution when driving - often, BMW claims, before the wheels begin to lose their grip.

In other words, the system - in conjunction with DSC - feeds optimum torque to the respective axle at any time during dynamic cornering, minimising both under- and oversteer in the process.

In addition, BMW's trailer stability control offers safer towing of boat and other trailers. This extension of the DSC stability control system comes as standard, just like automatic HDC (hill descent control) for driving downhill safely even on loose or slippery surfaces

The interior consists of a broad range of both classic as well as sporty, modern materials and colours so owners can personalize the interior of the new X3. In the cockpit the two circular dials are grouped together in typical BMW style in an elegant binnacle. And right in the middle of the instrument panel the driver will find the optional 16:9 navigation system colour monitor, which flips up automatically when­r required.

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