Maybe you are just very safety conscious, maybe you’ve always wanted to hunt game at night, so maybe you’re in the market for a night vision system?

Hummer H1 owners can now play a few military games with the new night vision system that reads heat signatures from other vehicles.

According to , Raytheon Commercial Infared, a business unit of Raytheon Co, in the United States, has designed a night vision system similar to that used on the military’s Humvees. The Nightdriver sells for about R36 000 and can be added to General Motors’ H1.

The Nightdriver allows motorists to see objects in the road up to about 1 400 m away, not quite as good as the military version that allows night vision up to 6 300 m away, but hopefully H1 owners do not need to spot snipers and won’t need the extra distance.

The system senses heat from objects and produces an infrared picture in black and white. The images are translated on to a mirror near the driver in the Hummer. The sensor shows varying degrees of heat in the images, a vehicle with its engine on would be brighter than a car that is switched off.

The newspaper said that the driver uses the additional mirror like a rearview mirror to check for unseen obstacles in the vehicle’s path.

General Motors already has a similar system from Raytheon on the Cadillac DeVille, which is an additional R19 800. This system works with a display that appears on the windshield.

Would you want to add this system to your vehicle?

Original article from Car