The devastating strategic duo of Ross Brawn and Michael Schumacher, through their daring tactics on Sunday, have stamped their authority on the game of F1, says CAR deputy editor John Bentley.

Formula One history is full of great tacticians who have influenced the outcome of races from the pit lane.

Names such as Alfred Neubauer, the legendary Mercedes-Benz team manager, Colin Chapman, who designed such revolutionary cars and then used clever race strategies that took advantage of Jimmy Clark's great skill, and South Africa's Gordon Murray, the man who reintroduced the concept of refuelling mid-race, spring immediately to mind.

And then there were the great driver tacticians, Fangio, Stewart, Prost and Senna. But there's surely never been a pitlane strategist to match Ferrari's Ross Brawn. And no greater driver at making those strategies stick than Michael Schumacher.

Against any other combination, Fernando Alonso and Renault would have won the French Grand Prix. But Brawn's stroke of genius, and Michael's ability to carry out his daring plan, were simply too much. As Schumacher said, they had nothing to lose but everything to gain. And the strategy's success depended on the ability of Schumacher, his car and its Bridgestone tyres to deliver at the crucial moment. And Michael, all other things being equal, can be relied on to do just that. - John Bentley

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