Delta has extended the cover available to new vehicle buyers under its VIP driver support plan on all new Opel, Isuzu KB, and Suzuki products.

Delta has extended the cover available to new vehicle buyers under its VIP driver support plan on all new Opel, Isuzu KB, and Suzuki products.

With the introduction of the new Corsa range last year, the VIP roadside assistance programme was extended to three years for that model range. In addition, as of January 2, the plan has been offered across the range of Opel, Isuzu KB, and Suzuki models.

“Delta’s VIP plan offers assistance for any emergency. Be it keys locked in a vehicle, a flat tyre, a flat battery or a more serious mechanical problem - help is a phone call away,” Malcolm Gauld, the Port Elizabeth-based manufacturer’s director of sales and marketing, said on Monday.

“Even if a vehicle runs out of fuel VIP will assist by bringing fuel out (the cost of fuel has to be covered) to get the vehicle covered by VIP back on the road.

“In the event of a breakdown, the vehicle will be towed to the nearest approved Delta dealer. Should there be a need alternative transportation or accommodation VIP can arrange that and, providing the vehicle is based within 100 kilometres of the dealer VIP, will arrange for free delivery once the repair is complete. A 24-hour motoring legal advice service is also provided for under the plan,” Gauld added.

The VIP plan also provides cover in the event of an accident. “Owners are requested to report an accident to VIP to ensure the vehicle warranty is not invalidated. Once this has happened VIP will arrange to have the damaged vehicle driven or towed to the nearest selected SAMBRA-affiliated panel shop for repair,” Gauld said.

“From that point the vehicle’s warranty will be suspended for the duration of the repairs. When the panel shop finishes the repairs the vehicle will be audited by a Delta dealer and all electronics reset. After the completion of a quality audit the repaired vehicle will be signed off, returned to the customer and the warranty will be reinstated,” he added.

According to a spokesman for Delta, the VIP driver support plan is transferable as long as the vehicle is re-sold within three years of its initial purchase. reported recently that Delta had also introduced a R3-million warranty system across its dealer network that the manufacturer says will improve service levels and efficiency.

Delta’s new director of aftersales, Doug Harrison, said the primary benefit of the new system was a streamlined and improved claim and payment system for aftermarket claims.

Harrison said the system enabled dealers to document long-term histories of the vehicles they serviced.

Delta said other benefits included a more sophisticated parts pricing system, full integration with existing dealer systems, immediate warranty validations for vehicles, real time statistical reporting to management, dealers and suppliers, and the provision of direct links to suppliers.

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