German motorists have been told not to brake for small animals as they could be prosecuted for dangerous driving if it results in an accident. More in our motoring tales.

Little dogs should avoid German roads

German motorists have been told not to brake for small animals as they could be prosecuted for dangerous driving if they cause an accident.

reports that the issue was raised following a court case in Berlin where a 71-year-old had braked to avoid a dachshund in the road and the car behind him could not stop in time and smashed his car.

The second motorist sued the pensioner for damages. The judge agreed that the pensioner was responsible, despite braking for a dog, and said motorists should not try to avoid small animals.

The ruling includes small pets and wild animals like foxes, badgers, weasels, squirrels and small deer.

"According to the rules of the road, emergency stops are normally only allowed when the driver or other road users are in serious danger.

"This risk does not include a dachshund running across the road because such a small dog can be run over without any danger," the judge said.

Animal cruelty leagues have criticised the ruling. "I am outraged and saddened by this judgment. The judge missed the fact that an animal is much more than just an object," said Jutta Siebers of the Federal Animal Protection League.

A rose for an offender

Indian traffic officials are trying a different approach to stop speeding – giving offenders roses instead of fines.

"We have decided not to treat traffic rule violators as offenders but as citizens ignorant of traffic rules.

"And to drive home the point, we have evolved this method - giving roses as a goodwill gesture,” Ahmedabad deputy police commissioner KK Ojha told .

There are no statistics on whether the strategy, called “no sticks, only carrots” is working, but motorists, not surprisingly, like it. "This is probably the first time such a campaign by the city police is having a positive impact on the public," said one driver.

‘Civic beats up truck’

Does road rage give drivers of little cars even more strength? It may seem very strange, but a Honda Civic hatchback forced a truck off the road in a road rage incident in Canada recently.

According to , the Honda driver says the trucker cut him off on a highway near Halifax, Nova Scotia.

The Honda driver said the truck cut him off, but the truck driver said he thought the car had fishtailed, and he pulled into the passing lane to get by him.

Witnesses said the car hit both front corners of the truck as it tried to force it off the one-way road. He eventually pushed the truck into the ditch.

Neither driver was hurt, but both vehicles were damaged. The Honda driver has been charged with reckless driving.

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