Ferrari’s current F1 domination leaves very little space for its competition to shine and this Sunday turned the race into nothing more than a boring procession, CAR deputy editor, John Bentley, writes.
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This was supposed to be the one race in which the opposition could beat Ferrari and Michael Schumacher. But the sheer professionalism of the team and their tyre partners, Bridgestone, turned the Hungarian Grand Prix into one of the most boring races of the season. There was an end-of-term feeling as Ferrari put the constructors' title beyond the faintest shadow of a doubt and Schumacher notched up another record, taking his 12th win of the season.

The unresolved battles for the minor placings have also lost a lot of significance, crushed by the Ferrari steamroller. Can Button beat Barrichello for second place in the championship? In the wake of the displays of the Ferrari and BAR in Budapest, one has to say it's virtually impossible. Will Renault hold on to second place in the constructors' championship battle? Probably, but so what? And can McLaren and Kimi at least win a race? Not if they make the kind of stupid decisions they made in Hungary.

Roll on 2005, I say. 2004 is all over bar the shouting... John Bentley

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