A woman destroyed a restaurant after getting her car's gears confused. Teenagers halted speeding in their town using a fake camera. Read more in our collection of motoring tales.

Gear confusion

Six people were injured and a restaurant was destroyed after a Brazilian woman confused her gears.

The woman was driving off after leaving the restaurant in Sao Paulo, but accidentally put her car in reverse. Her Honda Civic shot backwards, smashing into the restaurant and slightly injuring six people.

"Witnesses told me it looked like a scene from an action movie," a police spokesman told Folha de Sao Paulo. "Some of them even described it as 'cool and exciting' when they saw the car spectacularly land between the tables."

Speedsters faked out

Two British teenagers managed to stop speedsters in their town by putting up fake speed cameras.

The brothers, 14-year-old George and 13-year-old Freddie Denton Guest, from Lepton near Huddersfield, put up the fake camera in one of the main roads in the town.

They painted a cardboard box and put it up on a pole to look like a camera. They also put strips of tape across the road to look like trap lines.

"It started off as a practical joke by my two sons but has developed from there and has been absolutely incredible in slowing drivers down," said their father.

"They decided to built a better, improved version and the results have been just as impressive. Motorists use the road as a rat-run in the morning and evening and it is a dangerous road."

Driver loses coffin

A Dutch hearse driver has been fired for losing a coffin on the way to a funeral.

The back door of the hearse opened on the way to a cemetery in Amsterdam and the coffin fell out. The driver did not notice and continued to the cemetery. A bus driver following the hearse saw the coffin falling out and stopped to pick it up.

The hearse driver was fired for failing to show sufficient respect for the dead.

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