Volkswagen SA has added factory-fitted gearlocks to its CitiGolf and Caddy ranges, but increased prices.

Since the beginning of April, all CitiGolfs and Caddies have factory-fitted gearlocks as standard. The gearlock is VESA (Vehicle Security Association) approved and recognised by a number of motor insurance companies, VWSA spokesman Mark Derry said.

"The operating mechanism has been made as easy as possible with the gearlock lever simply pulled into the locking position once the reverse gear is engaged. To release it, there is a unique key that fits the gearlock," he said.

There will be a price increase across the range of R365 to accommodate the addition.

New prices are as follow:

Chico 1,4 R65 090

Chico 1,4i R74 600

Chico 1, R79 170

Chico 1,6 R78 220

Chico 1,6i R87 360

Chico 1,6i Life R94 210

Caddy 1,6 R81 590

Caddy Club 1,6 R87 150

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