Jarno Trulli’s maiden GP victory was long overdue and it could not have happened at a more historic F1 venue than Monaco, writes CAR deputy editor John Bentley.

I've never been able to understand the reasoning of those who say that Monaco has no place on the grand prix calendar. Certainly, driving an F1 car around the circuit is, as Nelson Piquet once famously said, "like riding a bicycle around your living room." The Brazilian, always one for strong opinions, was being derogatory, of course. But think of the balance and precision that presupposes...

In these dauys of more and more clinical Bernie-spec facilities, the race through the streets of the principality maintains the links with the sport's history. And you can always count on it to provide an upset.

The wrongs and rights of yesterday's clashes and crashes will be discussed ad infinitum over the next few days. But Fisichella, Alonso and Michael Schumacher simply joined a long list of illustrious names to have suffered the consequences of departing from the straight and narrow at Monaco.

However, the race was won and lost long before the crashes. Perfect strategy and pin-sharp driving by Jarno Trulli, first in qualifying, then in the opening laps, are what clinched a well-deserved victory for the Italian Renault driver. Well done, Jarno, it's long overdue. And Monaco was the best possible place for it to happen.

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