The attributes that made the Peugeot 206 WRC one of the most successful rally cars ever are available in the Peugeot 206 GTi 180.

The attributes that made the Peugeot 206 WRC one of the most successful rally cars ever are available in the Peugeot 206 GTi 180.

The fiery two-litre, 16-valve 100 kW engine fitted into its predecessor has been redeveloped to increase power and torque and to provide the expected sports temperament. Sixteen valves and double overhead cams in the 206 GTi 180 develop 130 kW (or 180 horespower, hence the name) at 7 000 r/min and maximum torque of 202 N.m at 4 750 r/min.

Its compact and understated exterior styling conceals its refined technological power transmitted through the close ratio five-speed gearbox. With a shorter gear change action, first gear has a long ratio for dynamic acceleration with maximum engine speed increased to 7 300 rpm. Top speed is 220 km/h, with a zero – 100km/h dash in just 7,4 seconds, and this car is capable of covering a kilometre, from a standing start, in 28 seconds.

The front suspension has been modified with stiffer springs than the regular GTi. At the rear, the axle includes two tie rods to maintain traction, stability and road holding. The suspension is complemented by Pirelli P7000 tyres.

The power steering is modulated according to engine speed, ensuring increased steering and directional control. Standard too is electronic stability control and an anti-skid function, both of which can be deactivated at any time and are automatically reactivated once the ignition is switched on again.

Despite the GTi’s sporty appeal, this car could win any race on looks alone. Sporty alloy wheels, a wide rear spoiler, twin chrome-plated tailpipes and body-coloured exterior fittings are all indicative of the car’s sporty feel.

This raciness is continued in the interior with its four racing seats and leather steering wheel. The instrument binnacle and controls, aluminium pedals and gear lever knob are all finished to complement the new micro carbon look of certain features.

Safety features include ‘smart’ front airbags with a passenger airbag that can be deactivated to accommodate a rear-facing child seat. It also has automatic hazard light activation in the event of sudden braking.

But with most of the attention being focused on this gutsy car’s performance, its creature comforts include automatic air conditioning, a heat reflective athermic windscreen, automatic windscreen wipers with rain sensor and automatic headlights. They are all standard on the 206 GTi 180. The sophisticated stereo system can be accessed by remote control mounted on the steering column.

This bite-sized rocket retails for R209 900 and carries a warrantee of one year with unlimited mileage. Service intervals of 30 000km are recommended with free warranty checks offered at every 15 000km. A full maintenance plan for the 206 GTi 180 is optional.

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