Many motorists (and passengers) have a macabre fascination with accident scenes, often when they have no idea how to deal with the pain and suffering experienced by the injured. But what is so "cool" about that after all, Jasmine asks.

I don't know whether I'm the strange one, but what is it with peoples' sick fascination with accident scenes and the like? I don't see the appeal of jumping out of my car, coming close to killing myself while dodging cars with drivers craning their necks, hoping to catch a glimpse of the bloodshed from behind their steering wheels, to stand by and watch as someone else suffers. I must be a very clueless being...

Yet people haphazardly park their vehicles at all angles, momentarily forgetting about the run to the pharmacist for the tot's expectorant or the rapidly-cooling pizza for the DVD date, and zip across roads or spill from their garden gates to gawk. Or gawk and point out when someone's lost a shoe or something arb. That is completely sick!

Personally, I prefer to drive a safe distance from the scene, or turn into a side road, before making a call to the emergency services. Those call centre operators may not always be the best people to call when you need to brighten up your day, but given the circumstances, a hello should be the least of my worries. Besides, I seldom have a chance to chat to those friendly guys and girls anyway, simply because my splendid luck with queues dictates that I have to join at number 93.

I consider that a more worthwhile contribution, especially since I have absolutely no medical training to speak of (apart from practising the Heimlich manoeuvre on myself in my primary school days) and would probably just get in the way of those able to provide some useful assistance to the injured.

Of course, that's provided the response team is successfully able to negotiate the tangled web of abandoned cars and then unearth the injured from beneath the pressing bodies of curious onlookers. Onlookers all probably as qualified as me in tending to the needs of the injured.

But there are also those times when I find myself stuck in heavy traffic at the most unexpected times, only to find the source of the problem about 500 m or 12 minutes away. Even the most minor fender-benders have the power to persuade most drivers and passengers in all lanes to crane their necks, basically bringing the entire row of cars to a halt, while they survey the damage.

I have personally never seen a fun crash. Well, maybe just one, but that fool deserved it!

An arrogant teen a few doors down from where I live came barrelling past me in his "very fast" Golf 3 one Saturday afternoon with no regard for his fellow road users as he went ducking and diving between the cars. Soon afterwards, I saw him brake and swerve to avoid something and head straight towards the side of the road, where his now-not-so-fast VW gently rolled down the grassy embankment and came to land on its roof. As it turns out, the thing he saw was merely a figment of his imagination, but he was lucky enough to escape unharmed and thankfully no longer enforces his "Reign of Terror" on the local grannies!

"But you never know," I've heard it said, "You may very well see someone you know at an accident scene. Wouldn't you like to know when one of your friends or family members is involved in a crash?"

My stock response to that? I would much rather see that person over cocktails or coffee and a bite than at the scene of an accident, thank you, very much!

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