There is nothing special about new car dealerships, Jasmine fumes, except that they force you to abandon all plans to get a new machine and start planning your dream holiday instead.

I hate new car dealers who seem to have the innate ability to deter serious buyers with their poor service and rotten attitudes and then appear reluctant to make any kind of sale.

After doing all of my research and planning to drive the cars in my three- or four-candidate shortlist, I was yet again met with condescension when I stepped onto a showroom floor the other day. And then the snooty salesperson gave me the “my nose is too long for my face look” as he lazily answered my questions with a decidedly bored expression on his face.

I hate the collective listless gazes and half-hearted hellos. I for one am still waiting on the lovely Adele from Citroën to get back to me about a test drive after making a query about two months ago. So much for my excitement!

Is it asking too much to be treated like a valued customer when you walk through the showroom doors? It’s not as if you’ll be demanding to receive a free new car, so why are they apparently so reluctant to take your money?

Luckily, that doesn’t bother me, since I usually take my money to someone who appears interested, even if I do decide to stroll through in jeans and a t-shirt, lugging my four-year old tote bag about. I see no reason to “dress to impress” a salesperson who is silly enough to pass judgement based on someone’s attire in the first place. That salesperson would probably never be able to afford to purchase some of the cars he/she is selling in the first place, so those attitudes really are unwarranted.

But why is it so hard for some to leave their bad attitudes at the door and put the customer first? Service in general in this country is appalling, and while new vehicle sales are at all-time highs that should not be an excuse for salespeople to be complacent and expect customers to be satisfied with shocking service.

However, not all sales people are the devil incarnate. I recently had a delightful time with two salesmen at a local Ford/Mazda dealership and even though I left without making a purchase, the experience was pleasant enough for me to consider them again.

So, when the flood of new car sales dries up and the snooty salesperson resorts to running shoeshine stand to supplement his income, I’ll take my car bought at his neighbouring dealer for a spin and leave him to dream about the many that got away.


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