This week saw the start of the Geneva Motor Show, one of the highlights of the automotive calendar, and Jasmine has compiled a list of some her favourites - and not so favourites...

I usually look forward to the bi-annual Geneva Motor Show with much anticipation, not only because there's usually quite a bit more variety than our dinky Auto Africa, but also because the array of hideous creations is more abundant too.

Shame, Fiat has been in the doldrums for some time now, but I sure hope it’s not expecting its Croma "large car" to winch it out of the almighty hole it’s become solidly lodged in. That thing is ur-gly and looks like a beached whale that was lucky enough to sprout some wheels and a hard outer covering. And, of course, happy enough to amble around disguised as an automobile until someone uncovers the sham and puts an end to it. The rear's not really that bad, it just looks boring and generic.

Fiat should stick to the low-rent little Palios, Puntos and Stilos it insists on torturing us with instead, because although they are not exactly the best cars on the road, they make a lot more sense than this behemoth!

Another concept on show, and one that is destined to arrive in production guise next year, is the Dodge Caliber. This machine is meant to spearhead the revival of the big American brand in South Africa, but all I would likely be doing is "dodge" the Caliber and hope something better comes along.

Sure, locals are cottoning on to “beefy” trend, but it would help if these vehicles came standard with a touch of style rather than intimidating everyone with their dog-ugly looks.

Now, I may be sold if the Viper or any one of those big trucks is an option, but a quasi-MPV posing as an SUV with dinky tyres, no thank you!

I would say yes please to some of the more beautiful models at the show, which thankfully outnumbered the uglier offerings.

I basically wet myself when I saw show pictures of the Lamborghini Concept S in white, nogal! After being wholly uninspired by the fuzzy shots released a few weeks back, it was with some trepidation that I clicked through to some show pictures a few days ago.

That is one marvellous piece of machinery - I was forced to wage an inner battle as instant fantasies of me zipping through the platteland with mussed-up hair and nothing but the empty road ahead of me flashed before my eyes. Heaven...

My list of hot favourites also has to include the Mazda MX-5, for which I have always had a bit of a soft spot, while not being a Mazda fan at all. I found the current one overly girly (and I'm a girl!) and lacking a certain "essence", but based on the pictures of the new one, I would be the first to say it’s now received a testosterone punch in all the right places. Memories of those horrid trips to the family in my uncle's then-new 626 were instantly dispelled and I have fallen in love again.

Of course, what's not to love about those little mobile bon-bons from Peugeot, Citroën and Toyota. Were it not for my fiercely guarded reputation, (and the fact that they are all essentially the same car) I would promptly add one of each to my shopping list. That is assuming they arrive here, which is a decision I'd prefer to leave to the automotive gods.

Happy motoring! Jasmine

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