Ducati’s Neil Hodgson remained unbeaten in the World Superbike championship when he won both races in the Australian leg at Phillip Island on Sunday.

Ducati’s Neil Hodgson remained unbeaten in the World Superbike championship when he won both races in the Australian leg at Phillip Island on Sunday.

His team-mate, Ruben Xaus, finished in second place. Hodgson battled with Pierfrancseco Chili on a Ducati in the early laps of race one, but the Italian dropped out with engine problems on lap five.

"I really wanted to win this race as a tribute to Barry Sheene, who passed away recently," said Hodgson. "I just wanted to fly, lead and not let anyone attack, so I was surprised when Chili came underneath me at the hairpin. I was pleased that he was there, no one wants to be on their own in a race, and when Chili dropped out I was disappointed, but I wasn't going to roll back the throttle to make a show. I continued at the same pace and went for it."

In race two, Hodgson was challenged by Xaus. The Spaniard worked his way up the field to catch Hodgson on lap 14 and finished 70/100ths of a second behind the Brit.

"That race was really good. I saw that Neil wasn't going so fast because it’s difficult to set a pace when you're on your own. When I passed him I tried to go but he broke my rhythm with different lines in some corners and then it was impossible to pass him at the end of the race. At the last lap I tried at Honda corner but Neil braked really hard and closed the door and that was it. My bike was perfect today, a big thanks to my mechanics," said Xaus.

Hodgson said he worked hard to fight off the challengers. "I tried to break everyone early on, got a bit of a lead, stayed consistent with a fast pace, but then Ruben started chipping away," he said.

"When he got close I decided to have a bit of a rest, that was my cunning plan. I knew from all the other races today that everyone who led out of the last corner won so that was in my mind at the end. My bike was so fast today so I thought that if I could do that, then I would win."

Troy Corser of the Foggy Petronas Racign team finished fifth and eighth in the two races. Team-mate James Haydon also completed both races on the FP1, in 15th and 16th places respectively.

“We have moved forward again as we finished all four races and Troy improved on his previous best of seventh. As long as things are progressing, and carry on that way, then we are happy.

“The next race in Japan will be a real test for us, though, we haven’t tested at Sugo and there are always a lot of fast wild card local riders,” said team owner Carl Fogarty.

The next race takes place in Japan on April 27.

Race One results:

1 Neil Hodgson (Ducati Fila);

2 Ruben Xaus (Ducati Fila) +7.645;

3 Gregorio Lavilla (Alstare Suzuki) +11.480;

4 Steve Martin (DFX) +17.968;

5 Troy Corser (Foggy Petronas Racing) +18.353;

6 Regis Laconi (NCR) +18.647;

7 Chris Walker (HM Plant Ducati) +20.317;

8 David Garcia (NCR) +29.731;

9 Marco Borciani (DFX) +30.113;

10 Lucio Pedercini (Team Pedercini) +30.226

Race two results:

1 Neil Hodgson, Ducati 999F03, 22 laps, 34:44.425

2 Ruben Xaus, Ducati 999F03, -0.070

3 Pierfrancesco Chili, Ducati 998RS, -6.308

4 Regis Laconi, Ducati 998RS, -6.409

5 James Toseland, Ducati 998F02, -14.402

6 Chris Walker, Ducati 998F02, -14.409

7 Gregorio Lavilla, Suzuki GSX-R1000, -14.426

8 Troy Corser, Petronas Foggy FP1, -28.645

9 Steve Martin, Ducati 998RS, -24.094

10 Marco Borciani, Ducati 998RS, -24.808.

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