Jaguar is strongly considering building its Concept Eight concept car as a limited-edition flagship above the XJ saloon range. reported in April that Jaguar claims that its XJ long wheelbase structure is the longest wheelbase in its class and that the Concept Eight is a showcase of new luxury elements, in-car entertainment technology, and new performance styling cues.

The Concept Eight uses “the most contemporary materials and trim to create an environment that is unlike any other luxury saloon,” Julian Thomson, Jaguar Cars’ chief of advanced design, said at the time. Inside the car, the driver enters a world of inch-deep handmade carpets, chilled champagne, Waterford Crystal and even aromatherapy oils.

Now Jaguar officials say they are considering the production of the Concept Eight to elevate the image of the XJ. The car would compete with the Mercedes-Benz S600 and BMW 760Li, said Mick Mohan, XJ chief programme engineer.

Mohan said Jaguar would probably only sell a few hundred of the cars annually. The Concept Eight’s production would not require significant assembly line retooling and the effort would be worthwhile to strengthen the high-end image of the brand, he added.

The car mostly would use the original sheet metal. In the concept car, a single sheet of darkened glass replaces the roof panel. The only major mechanical change would be an increase in height, to make room for the car's 21-inch wheels.

Jaguar is expected to fit a supercharged V8 engine rather than try to redesign the car's engine bay to fit a V12 unit, reported.

Original article from Car