Mazda has been named the most reliable car manufacturer in the UK, with “few problems and infrequent garage visits”. How did other manufacturers fare?

Mazda has been named the most reliable car manufacturer in the UK according to data from independent automotive warranty specialist, Warranty Direct.

According to Newspress, the Japanese company has topped the Warranty Direct Manufacturer Index for the last three years.

“Running at below half the Index average, Mazda continues to be head and shoulders above the rest,” says Duncan McClure-Fisher of Warranty Direct, which handles thousands of warranty claims every year. “Problems are few and far between, and its cars age well. Infrequent garage visits, quick repair times and reasonable bills have helped consolidate its position.”

The Index represents the frequency of failure and the actual cost of repair. The average age of the vehicles analysed by Warranty Direct was 4,8 years old with about 80 000 km recorded

Second spot goes to Ford, which only records the market average failure rate of 31 per cent, but it does deliver the lowest average repair bill of about R2 500 in 2003 to help boost its Index rating.

The biggest improvement since 2002 came from Nissan, which jumped nine places to 8th in the list of 23 manufacturers analysed. Japan’s four leading manufacturers all make it into the Top Ten, whereas Germany’s Mercedes (11th), Volkswagen (13th), BMW (16th) and Audi (18th) all slip down the table based on claims handled by Warranty Direct.

At the other end of the table, Jeep, with an average repair bill of R6 800 in 2003 and 41 claims per 100 policies held, remains the worst performer due to failures on air-conditioning units and rear suspension and axle problems.

Top 10:

1. Mazda

2. Ford

3. Honda

4. Toyota

5. Vauxhall

6. Hyundai

7. Peugeot

8. Nissan

9. Fiat

10. Volvo

11. Mercedes

12. Citroen

13. Volkswagen

14. Mitsubishi

15. Renault

16. BMW

17. Rover

18. Audi

19. Saab

20. Alfa Romeo.

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