Celebrating its 70th anniversary this year, Nissan has exhibited a host of concepts at the Tokyo Motor Show that offer a foretaste of upcoming products - especially compact and luxury models.

Celebrating its 70th anniversary this year, Nissan has exhibited a host of concepts at the Tokyo Motor Show that offer a foretaste of upcoming products - especially compact and luxury models.

Nissan was established in 1933 as Japan’s first integrated automobile mass-production manufacturer and to celebrate the 70-year milestone, its Tokyo exhibits showcase features that enhance driving pleasure and cabin comfort. The company’s latest information technology (IT) and telematics ideas are also incorporated into several of the concept cars on display.

C-Note – A precursor to the next Almera?

Most observers should spot that the C-Note bears a striking resemblance to Nissan senior-alliance partner Renault’s Mégane sub-compact. And apart from aesthetics, the C-Note was built on the C-platform used on various Renault products.

Nissan chief executive Carlos Goshn said the C stood for "comfort," and the focus of the European-looking, MPV-inspired concept was roominess and superior quality that “packs an array of comfort features into its compact body”.

Sure enough, the C-Note appears to have ample headroom, sufficient legroom and roomy seats. The interior, finished in bright beige, complements the attention paid to detail in the dashboard and seats, the manufacturer said this week.

Fuga – a new generation of sporty Nissan luxury saloons

According to reports, the Fuga was built on the front-engine rear-wheel drive FM platform of the new Skyline, so it promises to be something of a luxury performance saloon.

Combining a sporty exterior and an interior which “spaciousness surpasses all other sedans in this class”, Nissan says, the Fuga’s tall overall height that provides increased headroom, and legroom expanded for rear-seat occupants.

Nissan’s human-machine interfaces (HMI) on-board system has been made simpler and easier to understand and operate and is located in the middle of the centre console.

Nissan Jikoo concept

Driven onto the Nissan stage by Ghosn, the Jikoo was inspired by the Datsun Roadster of 1935.

Jikoo features an extensive list of literal classical design references, such as a prominent stand up hood mascot, art deco inspired door inners, horn and tortoiseshell steering wheel veneer and hammered metal bumpers.

These mix with modern elements such as LED rear lights, blue tinted windows and extensive use of visual display units inside to give a very unusual look – not forgetting the decorative wheel designs.

EFFIS – future urban commuter car

The dinky Effis is Nissan’s vision for the urban commuting vehicle of the future. The multi-configurable arrangement of the instrument panel and seats results in comfortable seating space for three occupants plus enough room for one more person within three-meter overall length.

The vehicle is fitted with Nissan’s new “super motor” - a compact, high-efficiency unit that features two output shafts, both of which can be controlled independently.

The compact lithium-ion battery with its thin, space-saving design achieves a smaller size and a lighter weight that benefits a city commuter car. And weight-reduction technologies are displayed in the extensive application of aluminium and plastic to the body and the injection-molded front seats.

Freshest Redigo

Cardesignnews reports that the Redigo is probably the freshest in its design of all the Nissan concepts at the show.

The compact four seat car has a leisure feel from its SUV-esque design language and high seating positions, and from its novel opening roof and B-pillarless design. Redigo’s opening roof slides inwards into the remaining fixed central third of the roof to give a very open cockpit feel when the windows are down.

“Sheer surfacing and a simple graphical shape running horizontally on the sides, front and back, and vertically as the lights and interior interfaces for front occupants, gives a distinct and robust feel that further distinguish this impressive concept,” the report said.

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