German newspaper asked the question: “Can women park?” after a 21-year-old tried to park her car next to the entrance of an underground station and ended up in the station.

A German woman’s attempt to park her car on a Berlin street went completely awry and she ended up inside an underground station.

The 21-year-old tried to park her car next to the station entrance. But she misjudged her speed, hit a kerb and a roadside ramp. The car bounced down a staircase leading to the underground station and crashed into a wall.

The woman and her passengers were not injured, but the staircase was closed for a few days while it was repaired.

The newspaper ran the report under a headline: "Women can't park after all".

150 km/h chase

An American woman tried to avoid getting a traffic fine by racing off with the police in pursuit because she believed she could not get arrested if she was at home.

reported that Louisiana traffic officials tried to pull the woman over after noticing that she did not have a licence plate. The woman refused to stop and led the police on a 150 km/h chase with more traffic officials joining the chase along the way.

A policeman said that the woman calmly pulled into her driveway and got out of her car as if nothing had happened. She was immediately arrested and tried to tell the police she thought she could not be arrested if she was at home. She said she had seen this ploy used on a television show.

What a blast

An Austrian motorist accidentally blew up his car when he tried to open it with his remote control key.

newspaper reported that police initially suspected a bomb attack after the Ford Cougar exploded. But it was discovered later the explosion had been caused by two containers of oxy-acetaline gas in the boot of the car.

The spark of the remote control set the gas off. Eight other cars were also damaged, but no one was injured.

"The valves weren't closed on both containers," said a police inspector.

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