The seven-seater Peugeot 807 has sweeping space age looks and will head to showrooms around the country at the end of the week.

The seven-seater Peugeot 807 has sweeping space age looks and will head to showrooms around the country at the end of the week.

Its clean, sleek lines, along with the new "flag"-style door mirrors and large windscreen create a look that is futuristic, and instantly recognisable as a Peugeot.

A simple pull on the handle of any of the two electric sliding doors provides access to the compartment where seating is available for up to seven people. Peugeot's "quickfix" system allows for the seats to be easily relocated or removed and this people-carrier is instantly transformable into whatever is required.

The driver's seat has multiple adjustments. Club chairs that swivel come with individually adjustable armrests and the backrests on individual backseats can be adjusted. Automatic airconditioning can be adjusted on either side of the vehicle and the rear passengers have access to air vents as well. Storage areas are freely scattered throughout the passenger compartment, some of them dedicated and others that can even be relocated if need be.

Powered by Peugeot's 2,2-litre petrol engine, drive is transmitted to the front wheels by means of a five-speed manual gearbox. The powerplant develops 113 kW and 213Nm of torque to reach a top speed of 196km/h. While zipping around town, 12,9 litres of fuel per 100km is used, while on the open road this figure can be reduced to 7,8 litres per 100km. Combining conditions, the 807 will consume around 9,7 litres of fuel per 100km.

With four independent wide-travel wheels, the 807's suspension consists of a MacPherson type front axle with wishbone, and a rear axle with deformable crossmember. For maximum shock absorption, the suspension is equipped with variable function dampers. The rack-and-pinion power steering has an integral hydraulic cylinder and assistance is modulated according to engine speed.

Where safety is concerned, the 807 is equipped with four discs (the front two being ventilated) to ensure responsive braking. It is further equipped with an Electronic Stability Programme (ESP), an emergency braking system including Bosch anti-lock brakes (ABS), electronic braking torque distribution for each wheel and an anti-skid function (ASR).

The structure, particularly the sub-frame, has been optimised to dissipate as much energy as possible by crumpling in the event of a collision. The presence of impactors and floor stiffeners and reinforced seat frames that even ensure that the seats remain in place, further contribute to the 807's protection.

In the cabin, the seats, including the central one are all fitted with three-point seatbelts. There are six airbags, with a world first being that curtain airbags are present in all three rows of seats to protect the passengers' heads in an accident. Each seat is able to accommodate a child seat and a switch of the ignition key can simply disarm the front passenger seat airbag.

These high levels of safety features have ensured that the 807 was awarded five stars in the stringent EURO CAP safety tests.

Driving is also made easier by a programmable overspeed alarm that is meant to increase driver vigilance on the road. In terms of active safety, the 807's hazard lights come on automatically under sudden braking and deceleration to warn drivers of following vehicles. The package also includes a device, fitted to the light alloy wheels, that monitors tyre pressures and gives warning of a puncture or loss of pressure.

The headlamps can be activated automatically at dusk or when it rains, and can even stay on after the ignition has been switched off as a "follow-me-home" light. To further improve visibility, the "butterfly" type windscreen wipers are fitted with rain sensor controls.

The Peugeot 807 will be sold at all Peugeot dealers across southern Africa from the end of November. With its free warranty check every 15 000km, a service is required every 30 000km.

All Peugeots are now warranted for 3 years/100 000km, while a full 5 year/ 60 000km maintenance plan with extension options is included in the selling price. The practical 807 ST can be snatched up for R307 900, while the more luxurious Pullman version will retail for R345 900.

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