A British man was jumping for joy when he won Eddie Irvine’s F1 car from last season, but it was dismay when the 127-kg man could not fit into the Jaguar. More in our motoring tales.

Bum deal for winner

A British man, weighing 127 kg, was disappointed when he found he could not fit into the Formula One car he had won in a competition.

According to , Adrian Dawn, from Nottingham, won the Jaguar Racing F1 car that Eddie Irvine drove last season. He beat 15 other F1 fans in a simulator car race around Silverstone to be named the sport’s biggest enthusiast. But he just can’t fit into it.

"Winning a R14 million car and then not being able to get into it is the pits. There was no way my bum would fit in the seat. All I can say is that Eddie Irvine must be a very small bloke," Dawn said.

"I used to have a full English breakfast every morning like most lorry drivers. I'm actually on a diet now and have lost 31 kg, so I hope I'll be able to sit in my F1 car one day."

Dawn said he will stick to driving his 10-year-old Ford Granada for now. "If the missus thinks she can pop out in it she's got another think coming. We'll be taking the Granada to the shops as usual this week," he joked.

Handcuffs no handicap

A handcuffed woman managed to steal a police car in New Jersey and outran the officers chasing her for about 100 km.

The reports that Jennifer Lach was arrested for assault. She was handcuffed and put in the back of the police car.

Lach managed to slip her cuffs from behind her back to the front and squeezed through a ventilation window between the front and back seats. She drove off in the car before the policemen could get in.

She reached speeds of over 120 km/h during the 100 km chase and was only caught when she crashed the vehicle.

The 33-year-old was arrested again and charged with aggravated assault on a police officer, terrorist threats, resisting arrest, escape, eluding police, vehicle theft, criminal mischief, drunk-driving, reckless driving, leaving the scene of an accident and failure to report an accident.

Sweet deal for good drivers

Traffic officials in Hungary are rewarding motorists who follow the law with chocolate-coated marzipan balls.

According to the Hungarian officials have imported thousands of rands worth of marzipan balls from Austria. It is part of their zero tolerance policy to reduce accidents, by taking tough action against offenders and rewarding good drivers.

Motorists will be stopped at regular road blocks and checked for any problems, like not wearing seatbelts. "Drivers who are seen wearing their seats belts, or whose children are properly fastened in, will be stopped and given the sweets," said a traffic spokesman.

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