After 35 years at the forefront of the bakkie contest in South Africa, the legendary Toyota Hilux has received an updated look with more detailing and comes packed with extra features.
After 35 years at the forefront of the bakkie contest in South Africa, the legendary Toyota Hilux has received an updated look with more detailing and comes packed with extra features.

The first Hilux pick-ups arrived in South Africa in 1969 and the “Legend35” special edition package reflects its local history. The package is available on all seven of the Hilux derivatives, comprising four petrol and three diesel models.

Visually, the bakkie is distinguished by its Legend35 decals in place of the regular Raider markings and all seven models are fitted with alloy wheels. A stainless steel roll bar is complemented by a rear step bumper with pre-wired towbar fitting and a nudge bar at the front, all in stainless steel. Similar tubular side steps complete the exterior look while the radio/CD player with its metallic finish carries the stainless steel look into the interior.

The Legend35 is available in all the colours in the existing Hilux range.

The 2,0-litre petrol engine produces 68 kW at 4 800 r/min with 160 N.m of torque available at 2 800 r/min. The 2,7-litre petrol engine produces 108kW at 4 800 r/min with maximum torque of 235Nm at 4 000 r/min.

Besides its two petrol options, the Legend35 also comes with the choice of a 2,4-litre or two 3,0-litre diesel engines.

The naturally aspirated diesel engines include the 2,4-litre engine (61kW at 4 200 r/min and 162N.m at 2 400 r/min) and the 3,0-litre with its electronically controlled fuel pump which produces 72kW at 4 200 r/min and 192 N.m at 2 400 r/min.

However, the 4X2 Single and Double Cabs with the raised bodies, and the 4X4 Double Cab Raider uses the 3,0-litre turbocharged diesel engine that produces 85 kW at 3 600 r/min and 315 N.m of torque at just 2 000 r/min.

The Hilux range’s features include a tachometer, digital clock and cup holders on all models. All models are fitted with security systems – a gearlock with remote alarm immobiliser on the 2,0-litre petrol and naturally aspirated 2,4- and 3,0-litre diesel models and a transponder key immobiliser system for the 2,7-litre petrol and 3,0-litre turbodiesel models.

The range starts with the baseline 2,0-litre short wheelbase single cab model (DLX specification), that along with the 2400D are the only short wheelbase variants in the range.

Two long wheelbase 4X2 single cab 2,0 litre models are offered with a choice of basic or SR specifications. At the SR specification level a tubular steel rear bumper and sliding rear window are added and cloth seat facings are available as an option on the 2,0- and 2,4-litre models.

The 2700i Raider single and double cab, with raised bodies, along with the 3,0-litre turbodiesel complete the 4X2 range.

All of the 4X2 Single Cab Raider models and the 2700i Single Cab 4X4 Raider are fitted with an air conditioner, radio with front loading CD player, a sliding rear window, bush bar, side steps, body colour over fenders, tubular steel rear bumper, roll bar, elasticised tonneau cover and cloth seats with leather bolsters.

Five Double Cab models are offered in the range. The basic Double Cab is the 3.0 4x4 Double Cab DLX whose features include a front loading CD player with radio, sliding rear window; bucket seats at the front covered with cloth and a tubular steel rear bumper. An electro-pneumatic diff lock is also fitted as standard.

From the 2700i 4x2 Double Cab Raider (with its raised body) upwards features include air conditioning, power steering, remote central locking with selective unlock, radio/CD, power windows front and rear, bucket seats at the front covered with combination velour/leather upholstery and tubular steel rear bumper. The electro-pneumatic diff lock is again standard equipment.

The top-of-the-range 2700i and 3.0KZ-TE turbo diesel 4x4 Double Cab Raiders have the following additional equipment: computer-controlled rear diff lock; ABS, driver and front passenger airbags, front loading CD/ Radio, electric windows and remote controlled central locking with selective lock and unlock.

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