In a classic example of life imitating art, Toyota will unveil a supercar, styled to look like the futuristic vehicles built for Steven Spielberg's film, Minority Report, at the Tokyo Motor Show.

According to , Toyota's supercar, which will mark the Japanese manufacturer's current involvement in Formula One, will make its public début in Tokyo.
The rear-wheel drive Lexus will be powered by a 4,5-litre V8 and will also introduce the prestige brand in Japan, where it has never been sold.
Taking inspiration from the radical red coupé that appeared in last year's Steven Spielberg film, the two-seater is likely to be built in the US and will reportedly produce more than 300 kW. reported last year that two Lexus vehicles were developed for the film - a sportscar and a private pod that rides on a vast urban magnetic levitation (Mag-Lev) system.
The sportscar was designed for scenes calling for Tom Cruise's character to drive outside the city limits. As can be seen from these pictures, the high-performance two-seater has a muscular design with cab-forward seating, low, enclosed wheelbase, aggressive lines, and proportions so unexpected that, at first glance, it's not entirely evident which end is the front and which is the rear.
Despite the sudden decision to debut the vehicle at Tokyo, there's still no word on when it will appear in showrooms. Apparently, the vehicle won't go on sale until the Toyota F1 team is frequently winning races on the grand prix circuit.

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