The 450 kW twin-turbo V12-powered Mercedes-Benz CL65 AMG will début at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show. We bring you the details.

The 450 kW twin-turbo V12-powered Mercedes-Benz CL65 AMG débuts at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show. We bring you the details…

The new CL 65 AMG powerplant develops 450 kW and, according to Mercedes-Benz sources, delivers a mammoth 1 000 N.m of torque from 2 000 r/min. It is the most powerful AMG model ever built.

The manufacturer claims that the supercoupé will rocket from zero to 100 km/h in 4,5 seconds. As is the case with other, dare we say it, run-of-the-mill Benzes, the CL65’s maximum speed is electronically limited to 250 km/h.

The new AMG engine is based on the 12-cylinder unit of the Mercedes-Benz S600. In addition to an increase in displacement from 5 513 to 5 980 cm3, numerous other modifications are responsible for the output and torque increase in the new CL 65 AMG.

For example, the AMG engineers have increased the cylinder bore from 82 to 82,6 millimetres, lengthened the stroke of the crankshaft by six millimetres to 93 millimetres and increased the charge pressure of the turbochargers to a maximum of 1,5 bar.

In addition, they have used forged pistons, main and big-end bearings made from extremely high temperature and pressure-resistant materials and enlarged the apertures in the injection nozzles to achieve a higher fuel flow.

The car utilises a five-speed Speedshift transmission and steeringwheel-mounted gearshift selection buttons. To cope with the titanic torque delivery of the uprated V12, modifications were made to various transmission components, the rear axle differential, the drive shafts and the wheel carriers.

Like all models in the CL-Class, the new CL 65 AMG is fitted as standard with the active body control (ABC) suspension system, whose spring struts have been configured for greater stiffness in the high-performance flagship.

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