Volvo's YCC (Your Concept Car), designed by women for women, features headrests with a groove to accommodate ponytails, paint and glass that repel dirt, and the seat covers are machine-washable.
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Volvo's YCC (Your Concept Car), the revolutionary car designed by women for women, makes its grand entry on the Geneva stage this week.

Hans-Olov Olsson, Volvo's president, has made the promotion of women within Volvo Cars one of his top priorities, and the YCC is the most visible sign of that. The central design team consisted of five women while a team of 140 workers, of which 100 were female, accompanied them.

Loosely based on the S40 saloon's platform, this innovative car has no bonnet. Since the design team ruled that women never lift it for maintenance, the front end was designed to be released in one piece.

When the car is due for servicing, a wireless message is transmitted to a service centre that relays it back to the driver as a reminder.

Oil changes are only required at 50 000km intervals. Instead of a fuel cap, the car has a valve that prevents the fumes from escaping while the filler hole for the window washing fluid is next to the fuel hose's inlet.

"I think you should call it a crossover between a coupé and SUV and sports car," said Peter Ganjbar, Volvo spokesman. "I think the look will surprise people."

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