Volvo has produced the electrically-powered 3CC, a "future-proof" concept for this week's Michelin Challenge Bibendum in Shanghai, China.

Volvo has produced the electrically powered 3CC, a "future-proof" concept for this week's Michelin Challenge Bibendum in Shanghai, China.

The 3CC has an electric powertrain to propel it to over 135 km/h and accelerates from zero to 100 km/h in approximately 10 seconds, without emitting any harmful gases.

With a range of over 300 km, about 20 per cent of the energy can be recovered by regenerative braking.

Good aerodynamics - the 3CC's aerodynamic efficiency is 30 per cent better than the new S40 - lightweight body materials and an electric powertrain make this car highly efficient.

Volvo has also opted for a high-strength steel space frame and a one-piece bonded carbon fibre shell. With a double wishbone front and rear suspension set-up, the front-wheel driven car enjoys superb handling characteristics.

Sandwich floor panels have been used to house the electric energy source, though Volvo said this layout could be adapted for petrol, diesel, biogas and hybrid electric use. The electric power comes from lithium-ion cells packaged between the two layers.

"With the Volvo 3CC, Volvo Cars is pioneering a new way of looking at mobility so future generations can enjoy the same freedom that cars have given my generation. We believe it is necessary to show new ways to reduce pollution and congestion," said Lars Erik Lundin, vice president and general manager of the Volvo Monitoring and Concept Centre.

Just 3,9 m long, 1,6 m wide and 1,3 m high, the 3CC has dimensions similar to that of a classic two-seater. Yet, despite its compact dimensions, it has been designed to feel spacious and has three transparent roof panels.

As the doors swing upwards, the floating facia slides forward to ease occupant entry and exit. A sliding seat system aids access to a rear bench seat able to hold one adult or two children.

Inside, proximity sensors activated once a finger is sensed as it gets to within 5 mm is used to adjust the lights, air-conditioning and audio system.

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