A fresh report out of the United Kingdom suggests Aston Martin is in the process of developing a new straight-six engine that will eventually replace the Mercedes-AMG V8 employed by some of its latest models.

According to Autocar, which cites a “source close to the firm”, the new powertrain is likely to feature hybrid technology, with the Gaydon-based brand looking to get ahead of ever-tightening emissions regulations for various markets around the world.

As the British publication points out, Aston Martin entered a technical partnership with Mercedes-AMG in 2013, with the Affalterbach-based company’s twin-turbo 4,0-litre V8 thus finding its way into vehicles such as the DB11 and Vantage.

Autocar furthermore speculates that the new straight six could be “derived” from the British company’s existing 5,2-litre V12. Interestingly, the upcoming DBX crossover looks set to be the first Aston to employ the new unit.

Still, the report suggests Aston Martin will continue using Mercedes-AMG’s V8 for “another few years yet”, before gradually phasing it out in favour of its own engine.

Original article from Car