The head of design at Hyundai has explained why the Korean firm opted to take a “daring” approach to styling the new Tucson.

Revealed in mid-September 2020, the fourth-generation Tucson debuts the automaker’s bold “experimental” exterior design.

“We are confident enough to have more daring products,” SangYup Lee, head of the Hyundai global design centre, told

“If you look at the Elantra launched at the beginning of this year, it’s a very, very avant-garde design. And it actually works quite well. And why not for Tucson?”

Lee told the Australian publication he wanted to avoid creating a traditional “face” as has seemingly become the trend in the industry, “where everybody has two headlamp ‘eyes’, grille ‘nose’ and lower opening ‘mouth’.”

“I don’t care what others do. We only focus on the customer. Customer needs a wild car, then we deliver a wild car. If big families need a big SUV, then we’ll deliver a big SUV,” he added.

Interestingly, Lee suggested sticking with a mainstream design wouldn’t have worked long-term.

“We always questioned ourselves: are we actually creating a product kind of like mainstream, that everyone’s okay [with] and that they’ll accept? If you do that in the beginning, it’s okay. But cars that we have to sell over one generation – normally six-to-seven years – I don’t believe that that’s going to be a success at the end of the lifecycle.

“There are so many options to choose from and there is no universal language that [makes] the car loved by 100 percent of the customers, especially this segment.

“Obviously, Hyundai’s design approach is a more audacious, daring approach, rather than following the trend that we, in a way, did before.”

Original article from Car