Hyundai has revealed the latest development of its digital instrument cluster and steering wheel prototypes, with the latter now featuring frankly massive touch displays.

Based on an earlier version, the latest steering wheel concept is fitted with two large displays the Korean brand claims have been “ergonomically adjusted” for ease of use. The displays each feature a configurable icon design and two actuator modules beneath their surface, resulting in strong haptic feedback.

Interestingly, the newly developed haptic modules have also been added to the updated centre display.

The information shown on the steering wheel displays changes depending on the instrument cluster menu level and on the driving situation. In addition, the driver can change the layout and the displayed shortcuts. Indeed, up to five buttons can be used per display, adjusted by preferences and frequency of usage.

And the instrument cluster screen? Well, it takes on a “multi-layer display” design, comprising two displays stacked 6 mm apart. This distance, says Hyundai, makes for a 3D effect: one part of the graphic is shown on the front display and the other part on the rear display. In the area where the graphics overlap, the impression of an object in space is created. This, says Hyundai, guides the user’s attention with “less distraction”.

Hyundai says it is “still in the early prototype phase” of its new digital cockpit, but adds “this is an important milestone” offering a platform for “exciting new features as the technology continues to evolve”.

Original article from Car