The head of Peugeot says the French brand is “very interested” in the bakkie segment, confirming a new model will be revealed in the “coming months”.

Jean-Philippe Imparato, CEO of the Peugeot brand, broke the news when speaking to Australian media.

“Peugeot is very interested in pick-ups,” Imparato said, according to CarAdvice.

“We will have a pick-up [offering] in the coming months to cover certain markets, especially Latin America and the Middle East,” he added.

Imparato pointed out the firm had a history of building bakkies.

“In 1946, a pick-up was launched by Peugeot and 60 years after I’m not any more in this market,” he told the Australian publication.

“If we learn in the right way, if we have the right result, perhaps we will see. But first we must learn because this is a specific product. I want to be humble. Let’s start with something that is affordable for some destinations. Having learned, we will see,” he said.

While the French automaker and Toyota build small commercial vans together, Imparato suggested the agreement would not be extended to cover bakkies, effectively quashing earlier rumours Peugeot could offer a Hilux-based pick-up.

“I don’t have any specific information on this side, but the fact is we don’t have any link on this,” he added, according to

Back in mid-2017, Peugeot returned to the bakkie segment with the rather unimaginatively named Peugeot Pick Up. That model is based on a Dongfeng pick-up (known in China as the "Rich"), which itself is based on the D22-generation Nissan NP300. The Chinese automaker, of course, has had significant dealings with the French brand (Dongfeng actually owns Peugeot shares, while the two run a joint venture in China).

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