Just last month, Volkswagen revealed its redesigned company logo on its ID.3 electric car. Following suit, the firm's flagship R derivatives will also receive a new logo to denote its halo performance models.

Debuting on the American-market Atlas Cross Sport R-Line, the new R logo will soon accompany cars such as the Scirocco R, Golf R and the new T-Roc R. It will also feature on upcoming R-Line spec models.

But why the change in design? Volkswagen is using this new R to symbolise the performance arm's fresh start. The distictive new design is sleeker, more modern and reduces the letter to its essential components.

According to Volkswagen, the new company logo is characterised by the "pristine line width and a clearly horizontal arrangement featuring dynamic curves. Moreover, the prominent diagonal line serves as a stark contrast, thus underscoring the brand’s overall progressiveness. The elongated R creates a broader, more powerful impression and defines Volkswagen’s commitment to performance and exclusivity."

Jost Capito, Managing Director, Volkswagen R, says “Volkswagen R is all about excitement and thrill, and in the future, we will continue to focus our efforts on integrating these emotions into the Volkswagen brand. We are taking a strategic and operative approach to working on great products and creating a unique customer experience.”

Original article from Car