A press statement released by the president of Kenya suggests that Volkswagen is “exploring” the possibility of producing a small SUV in the African country.

The German automaker set up a plant in the city of Thika near Nairobi in 2016, initially importing Polo Vivo kits from the Uitenhage factory in South Africa on either a semi-knocked down or completely knocked down basis.

But a statement from the office of Kenyan president Uhuru Kenyatta said that not only was VW now “looking to double production” in the country, it was also keen to “introduce a new model at its plant”.

The statement said that Volkswagen SA boss Thomas Schaefer told president Kenyatta at a recent meeting in East London that the firm was “exploring producing a second model in Kenya” in the form of a small SUV, while also doubling production of the Polo Vivo.

Original article from Car