Jaguar’s design boss says he is opposed to the use of giant “iPad-like” touchscreens in vehicles, explaining that drivers need to “feel” their way through the car.

When asked by Automotive News Europe whether that sort of large screen will ever find its way into the Coventry-based firm’s vehicles, director of design Ian Callum said: "Not if I can help it".

"If you're driving 80-90 miles an hour [that's around 130 km/h to 145 km/h] – and you can in some countries, legally – you don't want to be flipping around an iPad looking to move your door mirrors or your seat controls," Callum said.

"You need to be able to feel your way through the car without looking at it for more than a millisecond," he added.

Callum was speaking after presenting the facelifted Jaguar XE at an event in the United States. The updated sedan, of course, uses the brand’s latest “Touch Pro Duo” infotainment system, which comprises a pair of high-resolution touchscreens along with more traditional tactile controls.

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