We suspect few people consider the standard Jaguar F-Type SVR too tame. But that hasn't stopped turning firm Arden from coming up with a comprehensive power package pushing this variant to the next level. Meet the new AJ 23.

The most important revision to the F-Type SVR comes in the form of a performance upgrade for the supercharged 5,0-litre V8. Yes, fresh peak outputs of 517 kW and 873 N.m (up from the standard 423 kW and 700 N.m) have been achieved thanks to the fitment of a set of forged pistons, an upgraded supercharger, a modified carbon air-intake system and a tweaked electronic control unit. A high-performance exhaust system has also been included.

The result is a new claimed zero to 100 km/h sprint time of just 3,0 seconds, some half a second quicker than the standard F-Type SVR.

The AJ 23 package furthermore adds a fairly restrained visual update, which includes a redesigned front bumper (with a handcrafted stainless steel grille) and a new rear diffuser (both fashioned from carbon-fibre). An in-house-developed lowering kit is also included and reduces the coupé's ride height by around 25 mm. A set of "Sportline" 21-inch multi-spoke alloy wheels (offered in a variety of colours) can also be purchased.

The cabin can be customised with either carbon, brushed aluminium or high-end wood, based on the customer’s preference. Interestingly, the AJ 23 retains the SVR’s bucket seats but these can be reupholstered in all manner of two-tone combinations. Finishing touches come in the form of Arden-branded carpets and aluminium pedals.

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