Jaguar Land Rover South Africa says every one of its new vehicles offered locally is now capable of receiving over-the-air (wireless) software updates.

Billing the new function as “part of an on-going transformation in connected services capability”, the British firm’s local arm says software over-the-air capability (SOTA) now ships standard on all new models.

This allows vehicles to receive software updates without their owners having to visit a dealership. In addition, the latest Touch Pro and Touch Pro Duo infotainment systems both now feature a “Smartphone Pack” with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto functionality as standard.

Furthermore, Jaguar Land Rover SA says it's offering “complimentary” SOTA capability (plus Touch Pro and Touch Pro Duo infotainment upgrades) to existing customers in South Africa. The upgrades are compatible with “most vehicles made from the 2016 model year onwards” (subject to vehicle specifications, of course). It adds customers eligible for the upgrade have already been contacted by their dealer for the work to be carried out.

The firm says the possibilities for future improvements of user interfaces and software capabilities are "near endless", and will continue to be rolled out as upgrades are developed and made available. In some of the most recent updates, items such as Bluetooth connectivity, on-board media players and climate control screens have been tweaked.

Compatible models have gained a “skip function” in their media players, allowing users to move forward or back by 15 seconds (handy when listening to podcasts). The company says “improvements” have been made to the way Bluetooth devices are paired, too, while icons on the climate screens have gained fresh designs.

So, how do you go about downloading the latest software upgrade? Well, you can do it via the vehicle's micro SIM card or through a Wi-Fi connection. Owners have to option to turn software updates on or off, enabling them to activate the download at times most convenient to them. As updates become available, a pop-up notification will appear on the infotainment screen.

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