Julian Thomson, Jaguar’s design director, owns an interesting collection of vehicles.

Speaking to CarExpert.com.au, Thomson listed the eight vehicles currently in his garage in the United Kingdom. Interestingly, just two of them wear Jaguar badges: an F-Pace SVR and an F-Type SVR.

“Those are our sort of daily drivers, which are a bit over the top, but we’re very lucky to have those,” he told the publication.

Thomson said he had “a share” in an E28-generation 5 Series with his son, who he described as “a keen BMW fan”. He also owns a Ferrari Dino, which he purchased in 1984.

Then there’s his Lotus Elise Sport 160 (he spent 12 years at Lotus and was effectively responsible for creating the Elise) as well as an EP3-generation Honda Civic Type R.

“When I was at Lotus we used to do a lot of work for Honda in Offenbach, in the Frankfurt studio, we did the winning clay model for the Honda EP3 so I have a Civic Type R from that generation which I’ve 'Quaife differentialed', and [added] special brakes and engine tuning – you know, done the lot. This is like a track car,” he told CarExpert.com.au.

“I love little hot hatchbacks and things, so I have a Renault Clio Trophy 182,” he added. “I’m a big fan of Colin McRae and rallying, so I have a Subaru Impreza RB5. I’ve actually got another Impreza in Thailand as well; at my parent’s house in Thailand.

“What else? My girlfriend’s got a Porsche GT3, and I think that’s all,” he said.

“I’m lucky to have all of those. They’re all running, they’re all working, the Ferrari’s actually being painted at the moment but they’re all up and running.

“I’m actually using those classic cars to do my daily errands, buy eggs and things, to make sure they all keep going,” Thomson said.

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