The head of Mercedes-AMG has confirmed Affalterbach’s V12 is on its last legs, but insists the brand’s high-performance V8 will enjoy a "longer lifecycle than what everybody thinks”.

Speaking to GoAuto at the Paris Motor Show, Mercedes-AMG chief Tobias Moers revealed time had almost run out for the 6,0-litre V12.

“We are going to move the S65 out of our portfolio,” he said, suggesting production would cease at the end of that model's current lifecycle.

However, Moers explained the twin-turbo 4,0-litre V8 would soldier on likely longer than most people expected, adding that electrification would extend its life.

“The V8 is a pretty efficient engine. In combination with an electrified powertrain, it could be a longer lifecycle than what everybody thinks,” he told the Australian publication.

Still, Moers was reluctant to predict just how long the V8 would survive.

“Nobody in the industry is able to predict the V8 engine ends, say, in 2028 – that’s impossible. It is all about how clever are you as a company, to put the money in. And it should not be a bet – it should be a well-prepared strategy.

“I am not so confident with having a 10-year plan and strategy because the world we live in is too fast. So you have to adjust your strategy and your targets almost every year; half a year.

“So it is okay to see the next five years, but things happen that have an impact in four years. So you have to adjust the strategy every day.”

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