Mitsuoka has made a name for itself by creating some seriously left-field vehicles, such as the Jaguar MkII-inspired Viewt and the radical NSX-based Orochi sportscar. And now, after 50 years in the business, the Japanese design house has released this interesting creation: the Mazda MX-5-based Rock Star.

Fans of American muscle cars will quickly point out this design is clearly inspired by the Chevrolet Corvette C2, with its wedged panels, bulging bonnet and taillamp design.

While the exterior has been vastly altered, the interior of the Rock Star isn't too far removed from that of the standard MX-5 (apart from the logo on the steering wheel). The options available for the cabin seem to be limited to new colour schemes for the seats, certain areas of trim and door panels.

The Rock Star will be available only with Mazda's 1,5-litre four-cylinder SkyActiv engine, which delivers 97 kW and 320 N.m of torque to the rear axle. The powertrain can, however, be optionally equipped with a limited-slip differential or a six-speed automatic transmission.

Limited to a mere 50 units, the Rock Star’s price ranges from ¥4 688 200 to ¥5 183 600, which translates to R612 607 to R677 341 at the current exchange rate. As many as 30 body colour options will be offered.

Original article from Car